Travel Information


A list of countries whose citizens (do not) need visa as well as all further information can be found at the site of the Federal Foreign Office.

How to get to us

General information about public transport in Berlin

A map containing the underground lines (U-Bahn), urban railway lines (S-Bahn) and some regional railway lines and few important bus lines can be found here (interactive) or here (PDF). One easy option to find your way to us, is to use the pre-filled travel information form at Most workshop participants should buy an AB ticket (one exception: if you arrive at Schönefeld Airport s.b.). With such a ticket you can travel to every place in Berlin (the city center encompassed by the circle lane is zone A, everything else in Berlin is zone B, e.g. Adlershof and Köpenick). There is also a zone C which comprises several small cities close to Berlin. A single journey AB ticket will cost approx. 2,80€ in 2017, you can travel 2 hours in one direction with this ticket (stops are allowed, but a return or traveling in a circle is not). If you plan to go to the inner city in the evening, use an AB day ticket (cheaper for 3 trips or more).

By train

  • If your train goes through Berlin in east-west direction: get out at Berlin Ostbahnhof (best option) or Berlin Hauptbahnhof (upper level)
  • If your train goes through Berlin in north-west direction:: get out at Berlin Südkreuz (best option) or Berlin Hauptbahnhof ("tief", i.e. lower level)
  • Directions are just a rule of thumb, there are trains coming from the west (Spandau) and going to the south or terminating in Berlin that also stop at Hauptbahnhof (tief) and Südkreuz.
  • route to S Adlershof (from there, see below):
    • from Hauptbahnhof or Ostbahnhof take S5/S7/S75 eastwards (e.g. to Strausberg, Mahlsdorf, Ahrensfelde or Wartenberg) and change to S8/S85/S9 in south-eastern direction (e.g. towards Grünau, Zeuthen, Schönefeld) at Ostkreuz (this takes at most 40 min from Hauptbahnhof)
    • from Südkreuz: take S45/S46 in south-eastern direction (e.g. to Schönefeld or Königs Wusterhausen)(this takes 25 to 35 min)

By bus

  • Important stops for long-distance buses: ZOB, Südkreuz, Alexanderplatz, both airports
  • for Alexanderplatz see "by Train" (Alexanderplatz lies between Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof)
  • from ZOB: walk to nearby S-Bahn station Messe Nord/ICC and take the S46 to Königs Wusterhausen or S42+S45 (change at Neukölln).

By plane

If you arrive at Schönefeld Airport SXF
  • take Bus 164 (towards S Adlershof, starts close to the exit of Terminal A), get out at Magnusstraße (take 18 min)
    For this option, please buy a BC ticket (single journey, 3,10€ in 2017).
  • or take S-Bahn S9/S45 (Schönefeld is the terminal station of each line, you do not have to care about the destination), get out at Adlershof
    For this option, please buy a short distance ("Kurzstrecke") ticket (approx. 1,70€ in 2017) if you walk from the station or a BC ticket if you take a bus or tram.
  • If you plan to go to the city center in the evening buy an ABC day ticket.
If you arrive at Tegel Airport TXL
  • take bus TXL (direction S+U Hauptbahnhof), get out at bus stop "S Beusselstraße"
  • change to S-Bahn S41 ("Ringbahn", clockwise circle line) to S Treptower Park
  • change to S8/S85/S9 (see "by Train") and get out at Adlershof (from there, see below)

From S-Bahn station Adlershof to Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum

Take the bus 162 or 164 towards Rudow / Flughafen Schönefeld or take the Tram 61 or 63 towards Karl-Ziegler-Straße. Leave at stop Magnusstraße (Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum) or Walter-Nernst-Straße (hotels). Walking is also possible, it takes about 10 minutes from the station to Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum.

By car

from southern Berlin motorway ring:
  • at "Schönefelder Kreuz" switch to A113 towards "Flughafen Schönefeld"
  • get off the motorway at exit "Adlershof"
from northern Berlin motorway ring:
  • at "Kreuz Oranienburg" switch to A111 towards "Flughafen Tegel"
  • at "Charlottenburg" interchange switch to A100 towards "Flughafen Schönefeld"
  • at "Neukölln" interchange switch to A113 towards "Flughafen Schönefeld"
  • leave the motorway at "Adlershof" exit

Map of Adlershof (See on Openstreetmap)

Map of Adlershof

Map: © OpenStreetMap contributors

A more detailed and printable map can be found here (please notice that this detailed map is property of CMS HU Berlin, you may not publish it elsewhere).