Abstract Submission

This page describes the process for submitting the final extended abstracts as they appear in the abstract booklet. Invited speakers only have to follow this procedure. If you want to contribute a talk, please go to Call for Papers and follow the instructions there. Once your contribution is accepted, please prepare your final abstract as described on this page.

Please submit an abstract of your talk. We will prepare an abstract booklet (pdf and in printed form). Below you can find a zipped template file. Please use this for your extended abstract and do not change any length etc.


You can submit your abstract multiple times, we will use the current version that is online on

     January 7, 2017, 15:00 (CET)

Any later submission or change may not be included. Please contact smsa2017@hu-berlin.de if you uploaded later and want the change to be respected.


  1. Download the LaTeX template provided below.
  2. Prepare your abstract and zip all files into a single one. The archive may contain exactly one .tex-file and any number of .png or .pdf files. All other files will be deleted during processing. Page limit: 2 pages.
  3. PDFLatex is required, do not use PSTricks or similar.
  4. Go to Submit Abstract (you need to be registered to see this page).
  5. Upload your file.

Abstract Template