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Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Gianluca Giaquinto Phone: +49 (30) 67055 7963 
Fax: +49 (30) 67055 385 
E-mail: giaquing at informatik.hu-berlin.de 
Address: Dipl.-Ing. M.Sc. Gianluca Giaquinto
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V.
Rutherfordsraße 2
12489 Berlin
Secretary's office: Sabine Dziwisz
+49 (30) 2093 3044


  • Alumnus


  • Evaluation of Image Quality parameters
  • Object detection and change detection, fire detection
  • Image quality measurement through NIIRS parameter
  • Fusion of optical and radar systems
  • Fractal measures
  • Information theory in image analysis

Project Involvement

Curriculum Vitae 

since 01/2012PhD Student at German Aerospace Center
since 11/2010Researcher at German Aerospace Center
12/2009 - 10/2010Internship on Remote Sensing at German Aerospace Center
10/2010Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
2007 - 2008Two exchange terms (Erasmus) at the Technical University in Berlin, Germany
2000 - 2010Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Publication List 


Comparison of Image Quality in Optical Radar Fused Image Sets (Gianluca and Marcello Maria), In 33. Wissenschaftlich-Technische Jahrestagung der DGPF, Eckhardt Seyfert, volume 22/2013, pages 79-88, 2013.   external link bibtex-link

Optics and Radar Image Fusion (Ralf, Gianluca and Marcello Maria), In Seventh International Conference on Sensing Technology, IEEE, pages 690-696, 2013.   external link bibtex-link


external link Image quality and image resolution (Ralf Reulke, Anko Börner, Gianluca Giaquinto, Marcello Giovenco and Herbert Jahn), 2012.   external link bibtex-link

Radar Image Quality - Comparison of the Information Content of Radar & Optical Images (Giaquinto Giovenco Jahn G M H A. Börner), In Optik-SAR-Datenfusions-Meeting, Oberpfaffenhofen, 18th August, 2012.   external link bibtex-link

Image Quality and Image Resolution (R, A, G, M and H), In The XXII Int. Congress of the Int. Society for Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., 2012.   external link bibtex-link


LIDAR, SAR and Optical Sensors for Airborne and Spaceborne Platforms (Giaquinto Giovenco Jahn G M H A. Börner), In Image Quality and Image Resolution, XXII ISPRS Congress, 27. August 2012, Com. I/2, 2011.   external link bibtex-link

Radar Optical Fusion: Image quality and interpretability (Gianluca Giaquinto), Master’s Thesis, 2011. (Master’s Thesis)   external link bibtex-link


A fractal approach to classification methods of Landsat imagery (Gianluca Giaquinto), Bachelor Thesis, 2006. (Bachelor Thesis)   external link bibtex-link

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