SOTA is a tool for static program analysis and structure-oriented program testing. The static program analysis provides several software metrics such as cyclomatic or essential complexity as well as the control flow graph of each method. Moreover it provides several code coverage measures like C0,C1,C2,C3, MMCC and MCDC. These measures are determined by instrumenting of the original source code and the logging of the control and data flow during the test execution. SOTA provides multiple ways of usage: the manual program test, in conjunction with other external test systems (such as ATOSj) or even integrated in an automatic test system.


ATOSj is a tool for the development and execution of automated regression tests of Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) of Java applications, whose GUIs have been developed using the Swing or the SWT framework. ATOSj provides a graphical user interface for the creation, (automatic) execution and evaluation of HTS test sequences. The test sequences can be created and executed using the capture-and-replay-technique. ATOSj provides also support for editing captured test sequences or for creating them from scratch. Moreover ATOSj also supports the export of the test results as PDF reports.