DAAD 2018

About the Workshop

"Cooperation at Academic Informatics Education across Balkan Countries and Beyond“

Informatics is a key discipline of economic and social development of any society. The main goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for presentation, discussion and dissemination of ideas to stimulate cooperation in academic education in informatics across Balkan countries and beyond.  Contributions on experience in that field and its generalization regarding this cooperation are welcome, as well as reports on the special situation at individual institutions, like curricula, graduation subjects, and research topics, all with the aim to compare and to look for ideas to stimulate cooperation. General common problems like women in informatics, e-Learning, and practical industrial software projects will be discussed.

This workshop is based on the current DAAD programme “East-West-Dialogue: Dialogue with Universities at Western Balkan“ (in German: Ost-West-Dialog: Hochschuldialog mit den Ländern des westlichen Balkans), see DAAD website: