Signalverarbeitung und Mustererkennung für


The chair covers signal processing and pattern recognition topics. Current areas of work are theory and applications of orthogonal transformations, foundations of signal processing, acquisition, processing and classification of biomedical signals, data compression and classification techniques in picture processing. Recently, two studies on pattern recognition based monitoring were conducted:
  • A BMBF and BMWi funded study on monitoring of surface vehicles: Methods for automated control of disarmament actions via the observation of acoustic and seismic signals emitted by vehicles were developed. Research focused on automatic classification of vehicles, signal-conditioning, filtering and programmable circuits for signal acquisition.
  • An IBB funded study on integrated optical systems: Research focused on programmable sensors for visual signal acquisition based on field programmable gate arrays. Inside the optical system signal processing was based on a hardwired implementation of the discrete wavelet-transform and realized an event driven adaptive resolution control mechanism.
Actual areas of application were monitoring of road traffic and pedestrian flow.


Hinweise an Dr. O. Hochmuth 07.06.2018, 15:59
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