This webpage provides the code for our paper on indexing and searching highly-similar strings. It contains the C++ sources for the instances CPart, CForest, and CDAG. A toy example is provided with the code. In order to build the sources, you need the following external libraries (links point to installation manuals, as far as possible): The code for MRCSI can be found here. Once you have downloaded the code, just extract the files to a local directory. Go to the directory with the extracted files (man.cpp and makefile) and run: Afterwards, the directory contains an executable file MRCSI, which searches the file in directory toydata for the string 'Helseinki' with k=1, i.e., the search will, among others, retrieve all substrings 'Helsinki'. The toydata is accompanied with a short description, see file README in directory toydata.
The code for MRCSI is free for academic use. If you use that code or a modified form, please cite the paper on MRCSI.
If you have questions regarding the code, please contact Sebastian Wandelt.
Sebastian Wandelt, February 4th, 2015