the ultimate meeting 2002 report by rob

finally i visited my first demo-party. and i can say that it was worth the trip.

friday: at four o'clock in the morning i had to leave my warm bed to head to the train-station, where i met crest, heinmukk and krill and where i immediately bought a mindcandy-dvd from crest (his 15 dvds where sold out in a very short time at the partyplace - lucky me ;-). the trip itself was ok - no delays or other problems. we arrived in mannheim at half past one pm. luckily some of the orgas were already there and brought us to the partyplace. the hall was rather empty when we arrived, but that should change in the evening. krill and heinmukk brought no equipment to the party, but they found some unused c64s, so that heinmukk could start working on his entry for the sid-compo. in the early evening the first pizza-wave started and everyone was waiting for the opening-ceremony and crest's demoshow. but the beamer completely fucked up. it seemed that it was only able to handle a resolution of 800x600 correctly. at least the orgas were able to show the opening-animation. then they started to organize a new beamer, which arrived in the late evening. this one was much better and had enough power to show stuff perfectly even in daylight. then the wild- and ansi/ascii-compos started. after that crest could begin with his demoshow. because it was pretty late, not very much people watched. most of them already went to bed. at three or four o'clock in the morning i was ready to take some sleep too.

saturday: the day started with the mp3/ogg-compo, followed by the sid-, 4channel- and multichannel-compos. in the afternoon came the gfx- and raytraced-compos. between all of this two fun-competitions took place. in the first one people had to "pixel" a picture onto a sheet of paper. the one from wayfinder looked really cool. in the second one some guys had to build the 3d-version of a picture with clay. later on there was a so called "demo-scharade". i still don't know, how these guys are able to guess the name of a demo just from the wild (but funny :-) movements of another guy?!? crazy. in the evening didn't happen too much, because everyone was waiting for the arrival of the pizzas, and it seemed that the orgas didn't want to start the rest of the compos before this. from the 4k-entries i liked at least one half. but i don't understand why the only c64-entry only became fourth? the headcrash-intro was far less interesting. the 64k-compo was ruled by farbrausch, who handed in two of the three entries. farbrausch even gave everyone in the hall 3d-glasses to see the stereoscopic effect in their winning intro. the demo-entries all had their own style. i did like all of them. but mawi's entry deserved the first place.

sunday: not much happend. the prizegiving started with a bit delay. after that most of the sceners grabbed their equipment and headed home. we had to wait for one more hour, after which mbb and diver brought us back to the train-station. the trip home was unspectacular. i just wonder what the woman may have thought, who had to sit nearly all the way to berlin next to us (four unwashed and smoky freaks)?!?

conclusion: tum02 was a cool party, even with the problems in the beginning. it was also very interesting for me, that people came to me just because i was the only one with an amiga in da house. special greets must hereby go to elend, who made the party much more fun for me.