Quadrokopter 01 bauen

Quadrokopter, beagleboard, Hardware Design

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1 Components

  • Motors and Brushless controllers from hobbyking (ca. 100 EUR) 2010-05-14 Fri
  • SRF10 from robotikhardware.de (50 EUR) 2010-05-14 Fri
  • IR rangers
  • Baumarkt: Aluminum rods for frame, screws etc
  • Batteries and charger from local model store
  • RC transmitter from ebay
  • Linuxboard: beagleboard
  • USB WLAN: for beagle
  • beagle fpga?
  • velcro fasteners, cable ties
  • heating insulation material from university stock

2 Frame, controllers and main flight control

3 Log

3.1 early investements

3.2 maiden flight 2010-07-20 Tue

3.3 beagle 2010-07-26 Mon

  • somehwere round here: fried my beagleboard by connecting power in reverse polarity.

3.4 outdoor tests 2010-08-11 Wed

  • my ESCs are a battlefield. today one of the legs of one of the atmegas came off, had to scrape off the coating to solder the wire back on. img/qk01-20100720/DSC00737.JPG

    Another one for comparison, almost equally dreadful


  • added additional struts onto the frame but i sawed off the screws too short for two additional layers of sheet metal. epsecially one screw was too short to reach the self-locking area in the nut. the screw came off after few minutes of flight. now everything seems better.
  • swapped the rigid spacers for muffled spacers as FC mounts. at least it should take some strain off the board when crash-landing.



outdoor Flight video here

3.5 beagle connection 2010-08-16 Mon

  • beagle with sercon, endless tests with no sucess
  • conversion from french plug style: power on ground
  • resolved by using different cable
  • connection successful:
    • uncrossed from beagle to sercon
    • uncrossed from sercon to FC

3.6 2010-08-17 Tue

  • one of the ESCs finally became unusable as the remaining part of the lead came off too
  • center screw is loose

3.7 2010-09-11 Sat

  • set the kopter onto the ground a bit ungently. then one of the motors wouldn't spin up. verified the controller was working by swapping connections with another motor.
  • turns out, one of the phases came off the gold-jack on the motor side. cheap motors?

3.8 2010-09-17 Fri

More phantom problems with UARTs: turns out, i only pushed the rs232 connector onto the sercon board, just clamping the board between the pins. which worked except for the TX pin. nice.

3.9 2010-10-28 Thu

New photos and the first onboard video.

new landing gear + FC breakout board:


same config, top view:


detail: img/qk01-20101028/DSC00983.png

detail side:


top view with CD: this did not work well, the CD material is much to brittle.


with beagle mounted on top:


beagle mount, side view with sercon




at home lab:


more beagle mounts:



testing IR rangers: img/qk01-20101028/irtest1-DSC01134.png, img/qk01-20101028/irtest2-DSC01135.png

onboard movie (forgot to charge the camera beforehand => sudden stop): img/qk01-20101028/MOV01157-sml.avi

3.10 2011-02-13 Sun state



3.11 2011-02-27 Sun ice gliding

4 Todo

4.1 TODO IR3 nach oben

  • generalized distance control 2011-02-13 Sun

4.2 TODO mount camera and take some pics/videos

  • permament usb-cam
  • line-camera

4.3 TODO USB hub

  • use OTG connector as USB host
  • gps to beagle
  • USB hub (wispy, …)

4.4 TODO wireless faderbox for beagle-ctrl

  • realising a multichannel RC control

4.5 TODO measure thrust

  • motor-propeller vs. rpms

4.6 TODO tethering

  • first seen in BenE's ni-day post, with fishing

4.7 TODO and lots of other stuff

4.8 DONE Wackeln

4.9 DONE fix USS

  • SRF10's beam pattern is too wide
  • tested maxbotix EZ4, worked nicely but unfortunately the sensor stopped working recently ( 2011-02-13 Sun), haven't investigated further
  • will test SRF02

4.10 DONE get baro altitude control back into my huch branch

  • now works with linux-based altitude control 2010-10-28 Thu
  • remap left switch
  • test current code
  • use right switch for extctrl on/off

4.11 DONE LEDs

  • weihnachten kommt wieder

4.12 DONE connect beagleboard

  • x breakout board from FC
  • x FC UART1 to beagle UART1 at 230400 kbaud
  • x now beagle is connected via level converters to FC on UART1 via expansion port and arduino with i2c.

4.13 DONE arduino

  • x using the arduino mini by inspiration from andi
  • x USS: now is on beagle
  • x IR: done, using huch-ExpCtrl
  • x collect ADC values and re-packaged to beagle

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