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Notes on flying robots.

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2014-05-15 ThuRobotics_ARDrone
2012-08-23 ThuIt's turtles all the way down
2012-03-27 TueCurrent pics of qk01 + qk03
2011-12-16 FriHome copter qk03
2011-08-16 TueStudent research project report: An Approach to UAV Controller Prototyping with Linux
2011-08-29 Monmavhub public on github
2011-01-27 ThuSciOI Slides: Altitude control for a quadrotor with Linux
2010-07-01 ThuHome Kopter qk01
2010-01-01 FriEarly results: crrcsim modifications and other code snippets

Systems and Architectures    export

Complete systems

Systems tested and used are listed first and marked with [t].

  • [t] MultiWii

    developed for using the Wii Extension Gyro/Accel boards

    Excellent performance out of the box.

  • Rabbit FC
  • Drotek
    • OpenPilot FC
    • MultiWii FC

One-off projects

  • RC-Forum
  • UAV Development Board

    gentlenav - Firmware for Bill Premerlani's IMU based UAV Dev Board autopilots

  • qc-kopter


  • Entomopter

Small copters

  • shrediquete: nanoquad    kopter small
  • Hobbyking small frames
    • 5 inch Kit with: frame, ESCs and motors

Fully commercial

Cars / Terrestrial

Communication stacks

  • UAVTalk / openpilot

Projects    export

TODO Copter construction    export

This is all pretty outdated and does not reflect reality's state very well. I keep it here for completeness' and lazyness' sake, for the moment.

  • qk01: First quad    export


    • Initially: Mikrokopter (MK) FlightCtrl, TowerPro ESCs modified for I2C, now using MK-BLs
    • done: qk01
    • Quick-pluggable Highlevel computing module
  • qk03: Small quad with 8" props    export

    ../img/fr/20111216-small ardu quad/thumbs/thumb_IMG_0119.JPG img/fr/20111216-small ardu quad/thumbs/thumb_IMG_0120.JPG img/fr/20120327-qk-lazy/DSCN0755_thumb.JPG img/fr/20120327-qk-lazy/DSCN0757_thumb.JPG

    • Setup    export
      APNanoWii / MultiWii (formerly OpenPilot and APM)
      ReceiverACT DSL-6
      Props8x4 (Lipoly), 8x4.5 (flyduino)
      Props7x4 (lipoly): probably too small, need more testing
      MotorsTR2204-14T - TURNIGY 2204-14T 19g Outrunner, 6547
      ESCsTR_P10A - TURNIGY Plush 10amp 9gram Speed Controll.., id 4204
      Booms10x10 inside round CFK from R&G Faserverbundstoffe,
      CenterShelf plastic cross from Hellweg
      Motor mountclamped: motor, plastic -> sheet -> CFK boom -> 2 mm alu plate
      maiden flight 2011-12-16 Fri
  • qk04: mini 5"    export
    • Naze32, see Naze32
    • HK Mini-Frame
    • 5" Props
    • Turnigy 2900kV
    • TODO
      • switch to CPPM / sum signal
      • neuer frame
      • flash ESCs
      • bessere props
      • tollere motoren
      • 2.4 GHz system
      • kamerahalterung
      • GPS
    • ARM Flashing
      1. Get Code Sourcery GNU ARM toolchain from
      2. unpack tar, export bin directory to PATH
      3. cd into afrodevices/baseflight
      4. $ make
      5. convert hex to bin
      arm-none-eabi-objcopy -I ihex -O binary baseflight.hex baseflight.bin
      1. get
      2. write 'R' to ttyUSB to put naze32 into BOOT0 mode
      1. upload bin file
      python -e -w -v -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 ../afrodevices-read-only/baseflight/obj/baseflight_NAZE.bin
      1. un- and replug USB to reboot
    • Nice inspiration by LeoWie

      Axis 160mm (mot. - mot.) Weight <200g (tow)

      Components: TURNIGY Plush 6A /.8bec/6g Speed Controller HobbyKing 1612 Brushless Outrunner 3200KV 5030 Propellers (Red + Black) Turnigy nano-tech 850mah 2S 25~40C Lipo Pack (… max. ~ 1300 mAh) DSM2 6Ch 2.4Ghz RX

      Frame: 8 CFK round 2mm, l=250mm + some extra (RX …) 1 CFK plate 0,7mm, 55 x 55mm, 8 Wood 4x4mm l=50mm, painted black, 100 cable ties 100x2,5mm black (do NOT glue the cable ties @ the motors), … some cm of a bicycle racing hose ;-)

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