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VPN guide for HUB with vpnc

You can now use 802.1x authentication to connect to HU Network and are not forced to use VPN anymore.

on ubuntu 7.10 as an example



If you want to, you can also save your name so vpnc won't ask you on every connect.
"sudo vi /etc/vpnc/hu-vpn.conf"
look for
#Xauth username <username>
and change it to
Xauth username my_cms_accountname

Analog you can do with your password, but I don't recommend this because it is saved in clear text form.

I wrote this because our so beloved Wireless LAN will be shut down in March 2008 and we were forced to use the Cisco VPN Client, which does not work at the moment and has some other disadvantages. [more in german, but unfortunately the decoder does not work for us anymore]

Students with an account at Institut für Informatik can also try our own openvpn server.

Jan Birkholz
Created 10-23-2007, changed 04-16-2008