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Job announcement - Ph.D. position

Humboldt University Berlin

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institute for Informatics

Scientific employee (m/f) with expected full-time engagement - E13 TV-L HU (Third-party funded, limited until 31.01.2020)
Area of responsibility: Scientific research within the BMBF project CrESt, in particular development of algorithms for module-checking of open systems, context modelling and verification under uncertainty, as well as contribution to a case study on autonomous transport robots; tasks to support scientific qualification (writing a Ph.D. thesis).
Prerequisites: Completed scientific degree (master or comparable) in computer science, logic, mathematics, or software engineering with an emphasis on theoretical/formal as well as practical/engineering aspects (preferably with a very good result); ability to analyse and understand complex systems; knowledge in software engineering; experiences in modelling, verification, model checking or formal methods would be advantageous.

Applications should be directed (if possible, until Feb 6th, 2017) with reference to the ID number DR/008/17 to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Informatik, Prof. Schlingloff, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin or, preferrably, via e-mail to heene(at)

For equality reasons female applicants are especially welcome. Severely handicapped applicants will be preferred to equally qualified applicants. Applications by persons with a migration background are explicitly requested. Since application materials will not be returned, we ask you to use only copies in your application.

General Disclaimer

There is a growing number of applications by candidates from Asian countries. I used to answer all these requests personally; however, to my impression this had the effect that the number of spam-applications increased even more.
Thus, I can no longer answer all incoming requests. In particular, I will not answer applications which obviously have been sent to a large number of recipients. Here are some general remarks for foreign applicants:
H. Schlingloff, 12.6.2010