Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Informatik, Prof. Dr. Holger Schlingloff
VInO 2011

VInO-Bild von Bernhard Merz

Here you can find some information on the doctoral symposium "VInO 2011", held in Ahornach / Acereto, Sand in Taufers / Campo Tures, Italy, 15.-19.7.2011


Morning sessions

  1. Phil James: CCS
  2. Stephan Merz: Bisimulation
  3. Liam O'Reilly: Reactive Systems
  4. Henri Debrat: Hennessy-Milner-Logic
  5. Hernán Vanzetto: HML with Recursion
  6. Timo Wegeler: Modeling mutual exclusion algorithms
  7. Stephen Sze: CCS with Time
  8. Hernán Ponce de León: Timed Automata
  9. Hartmut Lackner: Timed Behavioural Equivalences
  10. Tianxiang Lu: Hennessy-Milner-Logic with Time
  11. Tom Davies: Fischer's Algorithm

Afternoon sessions

  1. Stephan Merz: TLAPS: The TLA+ Proof System (Euclid.tla,Euclid2.tla)
  2. Tianxiang Lu: Towards a formal verification of the Pastry routing protocol
  3. Stephen Sze: Hello World~
  4. Hartmut Lackner: Formalizing Requirements
  5. Hernán Ponce de León: Formally Verified Automata Construction for Linear Arithmetic Constraints
  6. Tom Davies: An Analysis of Implementation Techniques for CSP
  7. Markus Roggenbach: Timed CSP in Railway Domain
  8. Phil James: Towards Domain Specific Languages for Verification
  9. Hernán Vanzetto: Automatic Verification of TLA+ proof obligations with SMT-solvers
  10. Holger Schlingloff: Synthesis of Strategies for Homogeneous Multi-Agent Systems from Temporal Specifications
  11. Henri Debrat: Formal Proof of Consensus Algorithms in the presence of malicious faults
  12. Liam O'Reilly: Compositional Modelling and Reasoning in an Institution for Processes and Data
  13. Timo Wegeler: Towards Quality Assurance of DSL Engineering

Pictures have been deleted by request.

H. Schlingloff, 26.3.2015