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Mark Dunakin made a video tutorial showing how to use this plugin:

How to:
In Modeler create a weight map for the object you want to grow. Every point that is supposed to grow
must get a weight >0 ( use 100% unless you know what you are doing )
Points with weight 0 or no weight at all are considered static. There must be at least one static point in the mesh!

In Layout apply the plugin to your object. If it contains subdivision surfaces, set subdiv order to "after displacement".
In the plugin's user interface select the weight map that contains the information about static/growing points.
Use the envelope button of the progress parameter to animate the growth process. (0% = no growth, 100% = fully grown)

If map usage is not set to "default", the weights of the points will be interpreted as their relative time of arrival.
That means points with the same weight will reach their final destination at the same time, no matter how far they have to travel.
This usually requires a careful painting of the weight map.

Tangent type is ignored if curve type is set to "linear". Otherwise the travel paths of the points are hermite curves using different
kind of tangent vectors. Since this is not easy to explain you should experiment yourself and find out what happens :)
This example scene might be helpful for

In case you make changes to the object or weight map in Modeler but the object is not updated properly in Layout - press the Refresh button.
However in most cases this should not be necessary.

The object basically grows along it's edges. If you have a static point A and it is connected to a non-static point B via an edge, A will remain
in it's place the whole time, while B moves from A to it's final position along the edge. If B is connected to a non-static point C, C will move
from A to B to it's final position. Of course things get more complicated if points are connected to several other points, but I hope you get the basic idea.
So if your growth process doesn't look right, it might help to add an edge in the right place.

Before requesting a new feature, please think about whether this feature would work in a general case and not only for your particular object.
All deformations take place in object space. So you can additionally use morphs, bones and other displacements.

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Special thanks to Elmar and Dodgy for testing and suggesting

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11 Jan 2006