Color Correction Tools for LW9

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The image filter plugin and the node plugin require a list of all available color profiles (.icm/.icc) in a file colorprofiles.txt
which must be located in the same directory as the plugin.
If you have python installed you can run this script which will traverse all
subdirs of the location it is run from and create the file list automatically.
Otherwise you will have to create the colorprofiles.txt manually and fill it like this:

The image filter and node use the SampleICC library, the color picker uses wxWidgets.

Special thanks to Gerardo Estrada for his extensive tests, suggestions and patience

If you have questions, comments, bug reports, jobs :

Latest changes:

5 Apr 2008: bugfixes in ccfilter 32/64

15 May 2008: bugfixes in ccfilter 32/64, ccfilter now stores the profile filename instead of profile index in the .lws
thus allowing to exchange scenes between machines with different profile lists

1 Jun 2008: added ccpicker 64

30 Aug 2008: ccpicker now remembers window position
if you mess up the position by putting the window in some unreachable place, find the CC_Picker.ini file and modify the WindowPosition entries manually
ccnode can now utilize color profiles, if no profile is selected it will perform simple color conversion like it used to

26 Mar 2008

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