C4 - An object destruction plug-in set for Lightwave 7.5b+

Created by Sebastian Goetsch & Nick Hatzichristos



C4 is a Lightwave 7.5+ tool, designed to break up and explode closed volume objects. It consists of 2 plugins : "C4 : Destruct" is a Modeler plugin that randomly breaks up objects based on several user-adjustable parameters. "C4 : Detonate" is a Layout plugin, that handles the actual explosion (animation) of the broken-up object, based on dynamics calculations as well as extensive user control.

C4 can accurately calculate and use physical properties such as mass & centers of gravity for broken up objects, and use them to assist in a more realistic explosion simulation.



C4 : Destruct*

. Shatter Controls

. Material Controls

. Output Controls

. Options

. Tips

. Known issues

C4 : Detonate

. Explosion Controls

. Fragments Controls

. Collisions Controls

. Other Controls

. Tips

. Known issues

*C4 : Destruct also includes the same usage guide under the "help" tab for quick reference


Current version is v1.1. Download the zipped file containing the C4 plugin set HERE. Download the documentation in .txt format HEREor .pdf format HERE.
( Big Thanks to Brian K. Ross for converting to pdf )

If you haven't upgraded to L7.5b, you can download the C4:Destruct L7.5 edition HERE. However, it is strongly suggested that you use the 7.5b version if possible.

Download a C4 test animation HERE (800kb DivX 5.0.3) or HERE (443kb XviD), and the scene files HERE

Mac Users : Currently, only C4 : Destruct will work on a Mac (since it's an Lscript). You can use it to break up your objects and use the Output feature to save your pieces as individual objects for use with other 3d party plugins in Layout.



For bug reports, comments, suggestions, any kind of feedback, or even just to say hi, you can contact us at :

Regarding C4 : Destruct, contact Nick Hatzichristos >>> nixx (at) otenet (dot) gr

Regarding C4 : Detonate, contact Sebastian Goetsch >> skidbladnir (at) web (dot) de



C4:Destruct, created by Nick Hatzichristos
C4:Detonate, created by Sebastian Goetsch

We would like to thank all the people who helped during the development of C4 :

Erik "Chagidiel" Wernquist & Michael "Dodgy" Green, for much-needed beta testing.
Tom Speed ("TAZ") & Alan Kott, for help with specific parts of the C4:Destruct code...

...to name but a few.



April 6, 2003 : C4:Detonate updated to v1.1, fixed problem with network rendering (ScreamerNet)

April 3, 2003 : Release of C4 v1.0








C4 - Object Destruction Tool for Lightwave

C4 : Destruct, 2003 Nick Hatzichristos
C4 : Detonate, 2003 Sebastian Goetsch


This plug-in set is provided "as is".
Neither the authors nor any publisher
can be held responsible for any kind of damage or malfunction
resulting from, or caused by, its use. Use at your own risk.

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