Keno Goertz

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1 Personal info

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avatar.jpg I'm a physics and computer science undergraduate student from Berlin. I love writing and using free (as in freedom) software and hate when knowledge is locked up behind pay-walls or propietary licensing schemes. My favorite programming languages are Python, C and, recently, Go. My text editor of choice is Emacs with vim keybindings using evil-mode. Both editors are superior to each other in different ways, so the only sensible thing to do is combine their strengths. You can check out my Emacs configuration here.

2 Cool projects

Here is some of the stuff I've been doing, mostly for fun

3 Book recommendations

These are some books that have helped me throughout the years.

  • Herbert B. Callen: Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics

    I can't overemphasize how great this book is. Callen consistently manages to figure out when a question could pop up in the reader and then immediately clarifies. There are some really great, intuitive examples to help you understand the concept and his method of deriving Thermodynamics is quite simple to understand.

  • David J. Griffiths: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

    The language in this book is kept simple and there are some nice illustrations like a cat climbing up angular momentum excitation levels using the ladder operator.