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OS variant support (+)

A number of new builtin commands are provided to support features in particular operating systems. All are described in detail in the Builtin commands section.

On systems that support TCF (aix-ibm370, aix-ps2), getspath and setspath get and set the system execution path, getxvers and setxvers get and set the experimental version prefix and migrate migrates processes between sites. The jobs builtin prints the site on which each job is executing.

Under Domain/OS, inlib adds shared libraries to the current environment, rootnode changes the rootnode and ver changes the systype.

Under Mach, setpath is equivalent to Mach's setpath(1).

Under Masscomp/RTU, universe sets the universe.

Under Convex/OS, warp prints or sets the universe.

The VENDOR, OSTYPE and MACHTYPE environment variables indicate respectively the vendor, operating system and machine type (microprocessor class or machine model) of the system on which the shell thinks it is running. These are particularly useful when sharing one's home directory between several types of machines; one can, for example,

set path = (~/bin.$MACHTYPE /usr/ucb /bin /usr/bin .)

in one's ~/.login and put executables compiled for each machine in the appropriate directory.

The version shell variable indicates what options were chosen when the shell was compiled.

Note also the newgrp builtin, the afsuser and echo_style shell variables and the system-dependent locations of the shell's input files (see FILES).

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