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William Joy
Original author of csh(1)

J.E. Kulp, IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria
Job control and directory stack features

Ken Greer, HP Labs, 1981
File name completion

Mike Ellis, Fairchild, 1983
Command name recognition/completion

Paul Placeway, Ohio State CIS Dept., 1983-1993
Command line editor, prompt routines, new glob syntax and numerous fixes and speedups

Karl Kleinpaste, CCI 1983-4
Special aliases, directory stack extraction stuff, login/logout watch, scheduled events, and the idea of the new prompt format

Rayan Zachariassen, University of Toronto, 1984
ls-F and which builtins and numerous bug fixes, modifications and speedups

Chris Kingsley, Caltech
Fast storage allocator routines

Chris Grevstad, TRW, 1987
Incorporated 4.3BSD csh into tcsh

Christos S. Zoulas, Cornell U. EE Dept., 1987-94
Ports to HPUX, SVR2 and SVR3, a SysV version of getwd.c, SHORT_STRINGS support and a new version of sh.glob.c

James J Dempsey, BBN, and Paul Placeway, OSU, 1988
A/UX port

Daniel Long, NNSC, 1988

Patrick Wolfe, Kuck and Associates, Inc., 1988
vi mode cleanup

David C Lawrence, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1989
autolist and ambiguous completion listing

Alec Wolman, DEC, 1989
Newlines in the prompt

Matt Landau, BBN, 1989

Ray Moody, Purdue Physics, 1989
Magic spacebar history expansion

Mordechai ????, Intel, 1989
printprompt() fixes and additions

Kazuhiro Honda, Dept. of Computer Science, Keio University, 1989
Automatic spelling correction and prompt3

Per Hedeland, Ellemtel, Sweden, 1990-
Various bugfixes, improvements and manual updates

Hans J. Albertsson (Sun Sweden)
ampm, settc and telltc

Michael Bloom
Interrupt handling fixes

Michael Fine, Digital Equipment Corp
Extended key support

Eric Schnoebelen, Convex, 1990
Convex support, lots of csh bug fixes, save and restore of directory stack

Ron Flax, Apple, 1990
A/UX 2.0 (re)port

Dan Oscarsson, LTH Sweden, 1990
NLS support and simulated NLS support for non NLS sites, fixes

Johan Widen, SICS Sweden, 1990
shlvl, Mach support, correct-line, 8-bit printing

Matt Day, Sanyo Icon, 1990
POSIX termio support, SysV limit fixes

Jaap Vermeulen, Sequent, 1990-91
Vi mode fixes, expand-line, window change fixes, Symmetry port

Martin Boyer, Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Quebec, 1991
autolist beeping options, modified the history search to search for the whole string from the beginning of the line to the cursor.

Scott Krotz, Motorola, 1991
Minix port

David Dawes, Sydney U. Australia, Physics Dept., 1991
SVR4 job control fixes

Jose Sousa, Interactive Systems Corp., 1991
Extended vi fixes and vi delete command

Marc Horowitz, MIT, 1991
ANSIfication fixes, new exec hashing code, imake fixes, where

Bruce Sterling Woodcock, sterling@netcom.com, 1991-1994
ETA and Pyramid port, Makefile and lint fixes, ignoreeof=n addition, and various other portability changes and bug fixes

Jeff Fink, 1992
complete-word-fwd and complete-word-back

Harry C. Pulley, 1992
Coherent port

Andy Phillips, Mullard Space Science Lab U.K., 1992

Beto Appleton, IBM Corp., 1992
Walking process group fixes, csh bug fixes, POSIX file tests, POSIX SIGHUP

Scott Bolte, Cray Computer Corp., 1992
CSOS port

Kaveh R. Ghazi, Rutgers University, 1992
Tek, m88k, Titan and Masscomp ports and fixes

Mark Linderman, Cornell University, 1992
OS/2 port

Mika Liljeberg, liljeber@kruuna.Helsinki.FI, 1992
Linux port

Tim P. Starrin, NASA Langley Research Center Operations, 1993
Read-only variables

Dave Schweisguth, Yale University, 1993
New manpage and tcsh.man2html

Larry Schwimmer, Stanford University, 1993
AFS and HESIOD patches

Luke Mewburn, RMIT University, 1994
Enhanced directory printing in prompt

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