Dennis C. Bemmann
Academic homepage

ICQ: 3799896
Student of Computer Science
at Humboldt University, Berlin (since 10/99)

Main interests:
microprocessor design, integrated circuit design,
simulation, web technologies, client/server applications

Thesis (as planned):
A One-Chip Synthesizer: Custom DSP Multiprocessor for Subtractive Audio Synthesis on an FPGA

Student of Islamic Studies
at Free University, Berlin (since 4/01)

Main interests:
Arabic language, middle-eastern politics,
modern societies in North Africa

Chief Technical Officer
at juFORUM e.V. - Das Jungforscher Netzwerk
(the German Young Researchers Network)

For detailed information on projects and achievements as well as CV please contact me.

IP Lookup on a Platform FPGA: a Comparative Study (D. Bemmann) To appear in: Proceedings 19th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium

Time-critical Software Deceleration in an FCCM
(James-Roxby, P., G. Brebner and D. Bemmann) in: Proceedings 12th IEEE Symposium on Field Programmable Custom Computing Machines, April 2004, pp. 3-12

RoboCom - A Programming Game and Diverse Strategies
(D. Bemmann) in Young Researcher, European Journal of Science and Technology, Issue 50, May 1998, pp. 41-47

Links & Projects
My private homepage
Overview about software developed by me
Scientific game on programming autonomous systems
(my most popular project with > 200,000 downloads)
The German Young Researchers Network
Software solution sold to schools schedules
parent/teacher meetings
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