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A Petri Net Type Definition (PNTD) determines the legal concrete file format for nets of a certain type. There are a lot of different PNTDs. On the other hand, there are many features of Petri nets which are shared by several Petri net types. The definitions of these features are collected in a Conventions Document.


A PNML document (a Petri net file) determines its Petri net type and therefore the PNTD which it follows. In order to validate the Petri net type specific features of a PNML document you will need a specific PNTD.

A PNTD includes the definitions of PNML (either basicPNML or structuredPNML or modularPNML) and the Conventions Document. Each definition of a Petri net object which has a special feature in nets of that type is enlarged by label definitions. A label definition comes ideally from the Conventions Document. If not, the user has to define the needed label. See the PNTDs on this site as examples.


If you developed a PNTD you are asked to publish it on this site. Please send us your developments with a short description of the features of your PNTD and a reference to a formal description of the Petri net type.


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Last updated: 2003-06-16