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The Conventions Document is intended to collect the definitions of all relevant labels which are used in Petri nets in order to guarantee compatibility among different Petri net types. The Conventions Document consists of a sequence of more or less independent label definitions.


The Conventions Document is a living document. This means, that it grows every time there is a new feature implemented, which is interesting for more than only one PNTD.

If you developed a label definition, please send it to the author of this site in order to make it available in the next version of the Conventions Document. See the current Conventions Document how a label definition looks like. A label definition, once inserted in the Conventions Document, should not be changed in order not to confuse the users. Thus, there is a more or less formal process with several reviews before a new label definition is inserted.

Furthermore, any suggestions for label definitions are welcome. We will help those people who are not so familiar with implementing label definitions.

Conventions Document

Here, we publish the current Conventions Document.

Further Label Definitions (to be reviewed)

The following document contains those label definitions which are being reviewed.

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Last updated: 2003-06-19