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Petri Net Kernel
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If you have proposals for improvement, if you found some bugs or if you want to publish your own tools, applications or net types for the Petri Net Kernel, please don't hesitate to contact us: .

Download of PNK Java versions

Application Download Info
PNK 2.2 readme
bug report
Tools for PNK 2.2 Applications  
PNK 2.1 pnk-2.1.tgz readme
bug report
PNK 2.alpha (first version of the java implementation) PNK2alpha.jar readme
API-Docs, tutorial & more Documentation  

Download of PNK Python versions

Application Download Info
PNK Version 2.0.3 pnk_203.tar.gz pnk_203_readme.txt
PNK Version 2.0.2 pnk_202.tar.gz pnk_202_readme.txt
PNK Version 2.0.1 pnk_201.tar.gz pnk_201_readme.txt
PNK Dokumentation Version 2.0  


Erik Fischer
Last updated: 13.5.2001