Overview of our research topics

Best engineering practice suggests a product (be it a building or a vehicle) to be modeled before it is physically built. Important properties of the product are formulated and verified in terms of the model already. That way corresponding properties for the realized product can be guaranteed.

Research in informatics has always included the design of corresponding models and methods. However, the interest in model based design techniques significantly increased during recent years. Software industry is taking up this topic, most visible by the ongoing efforts on UML.

The chair on Theory of Programming (TOP) conducts research on various aspects of modeling computer integrated systems. This includes fundamental theoretical problems of modeling and verification, and applied techniques and tools for modeling and verification, as well as their commercial application in cooperation with partners of the software industry.

Actual research topics at the chair concentrate on some few modeling methods, analysis techniques and case studies. Concrete work is organized in projects. A project may be dedicated to several research topics. The Humboldt-Universitaet computer science lab runs three research areas. The TOP chair contributes to the area of model based system design.

Research Topics


Third Party Projects