Guido Schillaci

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I am a Post-Doc (Humboldt Graduate School, German Excellence Initiative) at the Kognitive Robotik group, supervised by Prof. Dr. Verena V. Hafner. I am currently involved in the EU-FP7 EARS (Embodied Audition for RobotS). In December, 16th 2013 I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis on "Sensorimotor Learning and Simulation of Experience as a Basis for the Development of Cognition in Robotics", graded summa cum laude. Gutachter: Prof. Dr. Verena V. Hafner (HU-Berlin), Prof. Dr. Bruno Lara (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexico), Prof. Dr. Angelo Cangelosi (Plymouth University, UK).

During my Ph.D. studies at the KORO group, I was involved as an Early Stage Researcher in the EU-FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) INTeractive RObotics (INTRO).

My research interests are grounded cognition, sensorimotor learning, internal models and internal simulations, developmental robotics and human-robot interaction.

I am a member of the Kognitive Robotik group, IEEE and EUCognition.