ISAS 2005
2nd International Service Availability Symposium, April 25-26, 2005 - Berlin
in cooperation with GI/ITG Technical Committee "Dependability and Fault Tolerance" and Service Availability Forum

NEW: Photos from ISAS 2005 are now available here.

Information for the presenters. Please note that for the purpose of presentations a laptop with projector will be available. If you do not plan to bring your own laptop, we can accept your slides in any of the following formats: Power Point, PDF, Open Office/Star Office.

Boards and Solutions Conference and Exhibition.
Parallel to ISAS 2005, Boards and Solutions 2005 Conference and Exhibition will take place, which will also be opened to ISAS participants. More details are available at and

What are the issues?
The interconnection of computing entities and the increasing interplay of hardware, software and middleware is making computers transcend far beyond the classical notion of 'systems' to the wider ranging 'services' oriented computing. The issues of design, composition, availability, responsiveness, analysis, security and many others are basic challenges to be thought out for provision of services and the service providing infrastructures.

Who should attend?
The objective of this Symposium is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different "service" related areas within both industry and academia. We specially encourage original papers addressing problems of service availability at all layers, including experience on:

  • Service Implementations: What services are under development and how do these services address availability requirements? How can service development profit from standards, such as those specified by the SA Forum (
  • Service Deployment and Operation: What are critical issues in the roll-out of services and what is important for the uninterrupted deployment of service updates?
  • (Telco) Infrastructure Providers including IT Manufacturers: what is the state of the art in dependability infrastructure and what standards are available for use? What products are on the market or under development to fulfil those standards?